Graphical post-processor software - Postresp

Sesam HydroD - Postresp software for graphical post-processor

For frequency and time domain


Postresp is a graphical post-processor for statistical processing and presentation of response in frequency and time domain.

What you get with Postresp software

  • Postresp software will do statistical post-processing of general responses given as transfer functions in the frequency domain or as time series in the time domain
  • All data are seamlessly transferred from a previous hydrodynamic or structural response analysis – alternatively you may define the data yourself
  • Any transfer function – i.e. wave loads and global response taken from a hydrodynamic analysis and stresses/forces taken from a structural analysis – may be processed statistically
  • Second order statistics are included for study of high frequency springing responses of e.g. tension leg platforms
  • User defined transfer functions may be entered and processed
  • Forward speed/doppler shift is handled
  • Response variables (transfer functions) may be combined

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