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Confirming the continued effectiveness of safety barriers

More info about remote surveyVerification represents the activities performed by a Verifier to confirm whether the assets Safety and Environmentally Critical Elements (SECEs) remain suitable, and are being maintained in adequate condition to meet the performance standards. It is based on a well-defined process of periodic assessment in order to confirm the continued effectiveness of an installations barriers.

A valuable verification scheme is 'positive confirmation' that the assurance processes are combining in an effective manner to provide sound management of all major hazards on an asset.

The in-service verification scheme will define activities for operational suitability and brownfield modification initial suitability.

DNV GL has produced a service specification - DNVGL-SE-0466 - to provide a framework for carrying out in-service verification which details a consistent and structured approach for assessing the condition of critical barriers for offshore and onshore facilities in-service. Naturally, this is aimed at operators within EU countries that need support on how to apply the new EU Directive on Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations (2013/30/EU), but equally it can be applied in countries with limited regulatory requirements where operators can take advantage of a consistency in approach to safety barrier management. 

With verification hubs at key oil and gas locations around the world, we can provide a high quality of service wherever you are working. 

What we do: 

  • Develop documented performance standards/requirements for each safety barrier, stipulating clear criteria used to assure its effectiveness
  • Establish a verification scheme to independently confirm the fulfillment of each performance standard criteria (examine, witness, test or audit)
  • Carry out periodic assessments to confirm the continued effectiveness of safety barriers
  • Full detailed reporting including our recommendations on technical findings with appropriate follow up with operators responsible personnel.
DNV GL can also provide support from our risk advisory teams on the hazard/risk analyses and safety studies which are performed in order to identify the barriers and safety & environmentally critical elements for specific assets.

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