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Independent engineering and technical due diligence

Independent engineering and technical due diligence

DNV GL’s energy storage technical due diligence services can provide your company with the in-depth analysis you need to make sound design, development and investing decisions.

For every project stakeholder it’s crucial to have independent in-depth analysis of energy storage impacts. Vendors and developers seeking to vet their product; prospective project owners needing to assess internal risk at a specific site or prove viability to outside investors; and investors and financiers looking to confirm the bankability of a product or portfolio of products.

Holistic approach to energy storage due diligence
We can provide you with all these services and take the burden of work off your shoulders. We will request data, or provide testing services to gather data, and assess product functionality and safety through all lifecycle phases, from initial design all the way to end of life and decommissioning. The assessments we provide are not based solely on this data, but also draw on many years of experience and an extensive database of industry knowledge that allows our team to quickly identify trends and flag abnormalities. By taking a technical and holistic approach to energy storage due diligence, we can highlight and provide you with recommendations to mitigate technical risks of the product or project, providing greater financial and legal security for you as a vendor, owner, or investor.

Our technical due diligence reports provide third-party validation of claims, assessment of technical risks, and proposed or included mitigation measures for a product (hardware, software, or both), a project site, or a portfolio of projects. Within each study, we:

  • Assess the vendor company’s stability and growth potential
  • Review the design and process considerations for performance and safety
  • Validate claimed performance, and confirm the repeatability and reliability of these processes
  • Cross-check that system guarantees and support infrastructure are appropriate to the system capabilities, and use and review their proven history

Experience across industries
As a global advisory, classification, certification, and technical assurance company, DNV GL has served the energy sector, as well as maritime and oil & gas industries, for over 150 years. This deep experience of risk analysis across these industries, paired with involvement in energy storage projects at every point in their life cycle – from feasibility studies to optimizing system sizes and deployments, performance testing to destructive battery testing, and standards development to field inspectors – means that we are perfectly positioned to understand battery performance, safety, and contracts.

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