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Liquid simulation - Synergi Gas - Liquid Steady State module

Synegi Gas - Liquid Steady State - Liquid simulation for multiphase pipelines

Liquid simulation software - model gas, water and liquid pipelines in the same network view

Liquid simulation

The Synergi Gas – Liquid Steady State software module brings together the liquid simulation capabilities of single-phase gas and liquid pipeline modeling into a single view for an engineer. This power brings great benefits to several oil and gas industry segments, most notably in gas gathering, where ‘wet gas’ is prevalent. Currently planners need to manage the liquid and gas components of their network with separate tools, which can lead to greater complexity and room for error.

With the Liquid Steady State module, you can perform steady-state analyses of your network, accounting for all fluids in your network simultaneously. The Liquid Steady State module is also useful for modeling both water and hydrocarbon liquids streams that exist in many areas.

Software for simulation of gas and liquid pipelines

The Synergi Gas - Liquid Steady State module for liquid simulation gives you:
  • All the essential elements for modeling liquids, including pipes, pumps, tanks and reservoirs, valves, pressure governors (regulators)
  • The capability to model the numerous components in the gas and liquid streams
  • The ability to identify and uniquely name up to eight fluid networks, making liquid simulation, model building, maintenance, and analyses easier and more comprehensive
  • Reporting functions for each fluid type

Liquid Steady State for comprehensive network simulation

With the Synergi Gas – Liquid Steady State module, you can manage all the complexities of a gathering network, in a single comprehensive view. In addition to all of Synergi Gas’s long-standing gas distribution network capabilities, with the Liquid Steady State software module you receive the additional benefits of liquid capabilities. These include expanded equations of state, greatly increased composition definitions and tracing, phase diagrams, and more. All of this is available in the industry-standard, familiar and proven Synergi Gas interface.

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