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Mooring system and individual mooring line analysis - Mimosa

Mooring system analysis with Mimosa mooring software from DNV GL

Market leading mooring software for static and dynamic analysis of moored vessels and mooring systems

Mooring system and individual mooring line analysis

Mimosa is a market leader in mooring system analysis and offers a variety of options such as calculation of the vessel's wave-frequency, low-frequency motions and mooring line tensions. Mimosa is up-to-date with calculations required by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate (NMD) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) for approval of positioning systems. It computes static and dynamic environmental loads, corresponding displacements and motions of the vessel and static and dynamic mooring tensions. It helps for optimum distribution of tension based on either minimizing the maximum tension in the mooring system or least squares minimization including thrusters.

Mimosa mooring software module includes

  • Static and dynamic environmental forces due to waves, wind and current
  • Wave induced motions, which in the WF range are solved in the frequency domain, using transfer functions for vessel and wave spectrum, ensuring computer-efficient computations
  • Slow drift motions: Maximum slow drift motion and maximum dynamic mooring tension based on non-Gaussian statistics
  • Static and dynamic mooring system analysis
  • Composite mooring lines
  • Transient motions after line breakage
  • Non-Gaussian statistics
  • Dynamic positioning (DP) with thrusters
  • Stability analysis of turret-moored ships
  • Long term simulation
  • Rayleigh based calculation of extreme response
  • API wind gust spectrum
The Mimosa mooring software is interfaced with Wadam to ease the input of frequency dependent transfer functions and wave drift coefficients.

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