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New construction services

New building construction services

Flexible pathways to engage the new construction sector

Buildings constructed today need to be smarter and more resilient. Customers are expecting streamlined solutions, as construction budgets and timelines remain tight. And the relationship between the grid and buildings is being redefined, with the introduction of smart inverters, electric vehicles, and the Internet of Things.

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DNV GL’s New Construction Services provide several pathways for utilities to offer a mix of traditional and cutting edge programs and pilots to its new customers. Whether it’s engaging underserved sectors, supporting community sustainability and resiliency goals, or jump-starting traditional turnkey commercial and industrial new construction programs, we offer pathways that fit expanding utility goals and various market needs.

DNV GL’s experts in building science, paired solar and storage, demand response, and electric vehicles enable us to combine proven program pathways with other utility objectives. This provides a seamless experience for end-use customers while contributing to a more reliable grid of tomorrow.

We have:

  • Over 40 years of experience implementing new construction energy efficiency programs for utilities
  • Processed 4,000+ new construction projects, saving over 700 GWh and 430,000 Mcf
  • 22 net zero buildings completed, with more in progress

New construction pathways

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Steve Baab

Steve Baab

Service Line Leader, Program Development and Implementation

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