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Offshore wind farm technology review

Offshore wind farm technology review

Confirm the suitability, reliability and robustness of new and existing turbine designs for offshore wind projects.

New turbine technologies and larger turbine sizes can significantly improve the potential energy output of an offshore wind farm project. But these don’t have the track record of more established turbines and can increase project risk. Hence for both new and existing designs, it’s crucial to ensure there are no outstanding technical issues with the turbine. They must operate reliably, be appropriate for the chosen site, and capable of withstanding the potentially intense offshore conditions.

Comprehensive and independent review
When you need to select a turbine or review your chosen turbine design, our unparalleled technical insight provides you with a thorough and independent overview of the turbine technology. In addition to reviewing the technology, we also put it into the context of a real offshore project.

The review covers many elements, including:

  • Turbine design, including comparison to other common offshore industry designs
  • Design verification and measurements, ensuring it is in line with industry standards
  • Turbine track record – performance of previous installations
  • How the turbine is designed for service and maintenance
  • The turbine's expected reliability and lifetime
  • Any known issues and how to mitigate known risks

Worldwide partnerships
DNV GL is able to access a global network of experts; we provide you with a "one stop shop" for turbine technology. Our thorough review of turbine technology covers every aspect. We have reviewed turbine technology and reliability for over 30 years, with detailed reviews on more than 100 different models, including all the world's major manufacturers.

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Philippe Brodeur

Philippe Brodeur

Team Lead - Turbine Tech IE Services

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