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Protocol test tools

Protocol test tools

Minimizing data communications interoperability risks

All testing activities are aimed at detecting deviations from specifications as early as possible. Testing makes it possible to monitor and analyze all data communication not only prior to, but also during operation.

This approach prevents more time and money consuming debugging and modifications at a later stage—enabling projects to be implemented within budget and as planned.

Verifying performance and interoperability for faster project rollout
DNV GL’s testing tools play an important role in identifying and minimizing interoperability risks, allowing faster rollout of projects by verifying performance and interoperability.

We offer a suite of testing tools, including analyzers, simulators, test facilities and IEC 61850 and IEC 60870-5-104 protocol traffic capture tools.

For DLMS/COSEM testing, we offer a set of products such as a protocol analyzer, a Test Client or a compete Test Facility. Go to Related Information to learn more of these products. These products are part of the DNV GL DLMS Test Suite.

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