Power and renewables

Renewable integration studies

Renewable integration studies

Providing in-depth understanding of integration challenges to help you plan projects and evaluate the impact in integrating renewables into the grid

Grid penetration of renewable energy resources including wind, solar generation units and storage systems have significantly increased across the globe. This trend, driven largely by environmental and economic benefits along with governments’ incentives, has put renewed focus on grid code requirements and grid integration challenges.

Our Renewable Integration service helps power producers, utilities and grid planners better plan renewable energy developments, and reliably accommodate generation projects into the grid. Whatever your business – renewable generation development, independent power producer (IPP), utilities or grid operation and planning – we work with you across the globe to solve your challenges.

Tailored to your specific needs, out personalized services can help you:

  • Understand the technical challenges associated with integration to the prospective grid
  • Understand the grid code requirements
  • Reliably plan generation projects to meet grid requirements
  • Study the generation project grid compliance
  • Assess incremental impacts of renewable integration on your grid from steady state, load flow, protection, transient dynamic, and sub-transient standpoints

Your globally trusted partner

We have in-depth understanding of renewable energy resources. This includes the technologies themselves as well as the concepts, practices and grid requirements associated with their integration into traditional and advanced power systems. Our local, highly skilled teams deliver the same, high-quality service recognised internationally. With our renewable integration service, you gain reliable support from experts throughout your grid integration project.

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