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Sesam fatigue analysis of frame models - Framework

Sesam GeniE - Framework software module for fatigue analysis of frame models

Interactive postprocessor for fatigue, earthquake analysis and code checking of frame models

Interactive postprocessor for fatigue analysis of frame models

The Framework software module is an interactive postprocessor for fatigue and earthquake analysis of frame models. It is used for stochastic, spectral (based on deterministic analysis) , full deterministic or time domain (rainflow counting) fatigue of beams. The loads are based on hydrodynamic analysis either in Wajac or in Sesam for floating structures for hydrostatic analysis, in frequency or time domain. Framework is also used for member code checking based on frequency domain results.

What you get with Framework software

  • Fatigue analysis based on non-hydrodynamic loads also possible with a Sesam utility tool
  • Calculation of fatigue damage of a wind loaded tower
  • Gust wind fatigue, with loads from wind load analysis in Wajac
  • Earthquake analysis of fixed frame structures

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