Siting and environmental studies for onshore wind and solar power

Our Siting and environmental studies to help you to assess and minimize any potential environmental and social impacts at renewable energy project sites.

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Michaël Roberge Michaël Roberge
Head of Section – Environmental and Permitting Services
Siting studies

While the placement of onshore wind and solar arrays can be initially designed by computer, field studies are essential for a full understanding of potential impacts and mitigation requirements. These studies are often required for environmental impact assessments which can influence project timelines, as well as construction and operational monitoring requirements.

Key siting and environmental studies
Our integrated approach to project development combines Siting and environmental studies with permitting, engineering, and GIS (geographical information system) services. Multi-disciplinary teams work together to optimize project siting and design. Our team of landuse planners, biologists, engineers, and other specialists prepare the following studies:

  • Biological assessments
  • Avian and bat studies
  • Threatened and endangered species surveys
  • Rare plants and wetland surveys
  • Acoustic assessments
  • Shadow flicker studies
  • Visual impact assessments and simulations
  • Radiocommunication and aviation impact studies
  • Socio-economic studies
  • Archaeological surveys
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

Global energy expertise
Globally, we have helped customers with environmental and technical studies for over 20,000 MW renewable energy generation. We have a wide breadth of experience, both in conducting and reviewing studies as part of due diligence work. By working on multiple projects, our scientists and engineers have a comprehensive understanding of efficient project development and implementation.