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Safe and efficient gas distribution network and pipeline operations

Understand your gas distribution network

Accurate information is a must for effective pipeline risk and integrity management. Synergi Pipeline software enables safe and efficient gas distribution network and pipeline operations, documents risk, schedules and tracks inspection and compliance activities and gives a clear overview of the integrity of the system. It can track audit trails of information and help ensure information integrity. The software provides a comprehensive risk management platform, including a set of pre-defined, user-extensible gas distribution mains and services risk models for a full range of threats. Easy access to information allows you to mine the data and to build a comprehensive understanding of asset properties and condition.

Synergi Pipeline provides a solution that can fit seamlessly into existing GIS and enterprise management systems. 

What you get with Synergi Pipeline

  • Integrated pipeline and gas distribution network solution
  • Risk analysis at individual asset level or on a regional or spatial basis
  • Risk-based mains replacement planning
  • Robust model development environment
  • Configurable inspection, corrosion and leak survey scheduling and tracking
  • GIS-based industry-specific information mining tools 

Key benefits of software for gas distribution networks

  • Comprehensive solution for meeting US DOT DIMP regulations, easily configured to meet alternate requirements for legislation or corporate standards
  • Configurable solution that integrates with your integrity management plan
  • Document management that facilitates linking documents to assets, leaks and analysis results
  • Comprehensive risk models covering multiple threats built upon years of industry experience
  • Threat assessment and configured risk models to provide expert remedial advice
  • Synergi Pipeline can be implemented directly into your existing GIS environment

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