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Sustainability Report Assurance

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Gaining independent assurance of your company’s corporate responsibility or sustainability report is vital to securing the trust of your stakeholders

Sustainability Report Assurance 

​Sustainability Report Assurance instils confidence that what you are saying about your performance has been subject to proper scrutiny. At DNV GL, we can offer a spectrum of report assurance services from those engagements which focus on verification of data, to more sophisticated assignments which enable us to offer more assurance, for example, over how the reporting responds to stakeholder needs, and is integrated with other company reporting.

Our assurance process

​Our assurance process is a robust and credible approach founded on best practice. Guided by materiality, we carry out a rigorous review of data and claims in the report and examine management arrangements, processes and data-collection systems. Where appropriate, we can engage stakeholders in the assurance process, for example by interviewing opinion formers or convening a stakeholder advisory panel.

DNV GL performs sustainability assurance using its VeriSustain™ protocol. This protocol draws on good practice across recognised sustainability standards to align with the requirements of GRI, AA1000AS, CDP and ISAE3000.  This means that all of our assurance work is conducted consistently across the globe, with detailed procedures and testing protocols offering a rigorous approach to the quality of our work. In our assurance statement, and in our direct feedback to you, we offer constructive and insightful opinion. The end result is assurance that achieves its aim: greater trust among stakeholders. In addition, our clients say they derive value from our recommendations as they help them focus on key areas of risk and opportunity.

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