Verification of primary reserve control units

In accordance with the requirements and procedures of TERNA

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Verification of primary reserve control units

According to the national primary reserve remuneration programme (Annex 73 - TERNA), TERNA requires each participant to verify the functionality of the installed UVRP system (Unità di Verifica della Regolazione Primaria, Primary Reserve Control Unit).

The role of DNV GL
DNV GL offers services for the verification of UVRP installations. For this purpose DNV GL has Italian technical qualified personnel able to respond to customer needs: flexibility, expertise and processing speed are the characteristics that distinguish the UVRP verification services offered by DNV GL. DNV GL is accredited by TERNA and has a century of experience in the field of inspection, testing and certification of high voltage components.

UVRP verification process
The DNV GL UVRP verification service fully complies with the requirements given by TERNA. There are four main phases in the DNV GL UVRP verification programme:

  1. Documentation check
    The documentation provided by the customer is studied and analysed by DNV GL
  2. Inventory of the UVRP system components
    The correspondence between the documentation and installed equipment is verified
  3. Electrical measurements
    The accuracy of the measurement chain of the UVRP components is verified
  4. Validity of UVRP-generated files format and content
    The presence, correctness and quality of information in the system-generated (UVRP) files are checked
  5. Remote verification of the presence of primary control
    The logic in the algorithms used in the 60870-5-104 communication with TERNA, and the correctness of the protocol are validated
  6. Energy check
    Using particular frequency profiles, The amount of energy calculated by the model is compared to the actual values measured by the turbine, so as to validate the model.