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Wind power benchmarking

Wind power benchmarking

Extract more value from your wind-generation assets by understanding them better.

Do you know how well your wind generation assets or components are performing? You might have established a baseline, but to get a true measure of competitiveness you need to make a comparison with the rest of the industry. So what metrics do you use? What are the industry averages for reliability, failure, and generation? How do you guarantee to stakeholders that your numbers are accurate and objective?

Setting the standard
DNV GL can help you prove and understand the performance of your wind-generation assets – from individual turbines to complete wind farms. By leveraging our immense data storage capacity, our experts can carry out different types of analyses of your assets, including:

  • Pre-construction assessments
  • Operational assessments
  • Monitoring
  • EPAs

The results are compared with our large and diverse data sets that are representative of all top manufacturers. We know the average failure rates for certain components, and we know how they vary across turbine types, manufacturers, regions and wind conditions. Through this comparative analysis, you gain a deep understanding of exactly how you stack up against the best in the industry, and why a certain asset is thriving or underperforming.

You receive an in-depth report which provides an overview of your performance and insights into any issues. We also quantify the differences to better show their impact on the cost of energy. This helps you better understand how to resolve issues, optimize performance and set realistic and attainable goals that are specific to the characteristics of your wind farm.

Better operation through excellence
DNV GL has been recognized as the world’s leading independent technical authority in wind power generation for three decades – as evidenced by our appointment as technical advisors to the SPARTA database project. Through our benchmarking services, you gain access to all this expertise plus our considerable experience in analyzing data, producing metrics and identifying the power of benchmarking.

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