The digital asset ecosystem

A new generation of advanced predictive analytics and asset data management

Pipeline ecosystem software
Pipeline ecosystem

Pipeline ecosystem

A pipeline’s initial design can lock in 90% of the lifetime cost and limit the scope for change in safety management procedures. Lifecycle management, including a vast amount of valuable and sometimes unstructured data, is not brought in to day-to-day operational processes. This leads to a lack of insight when crucial decisions are made. Up to 20% of operational budgets are wasted compensating for poor information management and inconsistencies in information across processes. A step change in the industry is needed.

Our software development is now being structured around our new digital asset ecosystems. The pipeline ecosystem combines the power of hydraulic modelling, leak detection, integrity management and safety assessment capabilities. The ecosystem enables a proactive approach for better real-time decisions with predictive and advanced data analytics. One example of this is our Ticket Risk Assessment tool. Our tradition of engineering excellence and best practice is augmented with the power of advanced data analytics and utilizes the unlimited power and storage of cloud platforms.

Synergi Pipeline software for efficient pipeline operation
Software for pipeline integrity management

Pipeline integrity management

The management of pipelines involves complex design and operational systems that can assess risk levels and pipeline performance. We offer a wide range of pipeline management software solutions, including Synergi Pipeline, which is a platform for the integrity management of all types of pipelines in the oil and gas industry, including on and offshore, liquid and gas transmission, gathering and distribution systems.

Software for pipeline integrity management
Synergi Pipeline Simulator software for hydraulic modelling of pipeline design
Hydraulic modelling software for pipeline design

Hydraulic modelling software

Synergi Pipeline Simulator for pipeline analysis and design enables you to optimize and improve performance for pipelines or networks transporting almost any gas or liquid.

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Synegi Gas software for gas simulation and optimization
Synergi Gas - Advanced hydraulic modelling

Advanced hydraulic modelling

Synergi Gas network modelling software identifies, predicts and helps you address your asset's operational challenges, enabling day-to-day efficiency of gas distribution and transmission networks. Synergi Gas gives the results you need to make crucial design, planning and operating decisions.

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Synergi Water software for water quality analysis and hydraulic modelling
Synergi Water - Advancing smart water networks

Water quality analysis and hydraulic modelling

Synergi Water is a simulation software package for water quality analysis used to model and analyse closed conduit networks of pipes, regulators, valves, pumps, reservoirs, tanks, wells and boreholes.

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Synergi Forecaster - energy demand forecasting software
Improving energy demand forecasting performance

Energy demand forecasting performance

Synergi Forecaster is a comprehensive set of energy demand forecasting performance models and features built on over 30 years of experience. With Forecaster software you can make informed decisions based on a variety of forecasting modelling methods, to reduce imbalance penalties, improve your network and storage efficiency, maintain safety and security of supply and ensure sufficient future capacity.

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