Offshore and maritime engineering

Software for structural and hydrodynamic analysis

Helica umbilical analysis software
Software for moorings and risers

Software for design and analysis of moorings, risers and umbilicals

Our software package for riser and umbilical design includes one of the fastest solver for slender structure FE analysis on the market. We offer software that handles both global and local design and fatigue. The capabilities cover capacity and code check, short- and long-term fatigue, and comprehensive statistical post-processing. Batch processing, parallel execution and user-defined Java-script capabilities make analysis easier and more efficient.

Our software for mooring analysis and design, including FEM analysis and fatigue, offers some of the most comprehensive capabilities available. It covers both frequency- and time-domain coupled or uncoupled analysis of the floater with the mooring and riser systems. Intact and damaged condition can be simulated for single floaters or complex multi-floater systems with hydrodynamic coupling effects.

Sesam DeepC software
Mooring analysis and subsea umbilicals

Analysis of moorings and subsea umbilicals - Sesam for moorings and risers

Improving safety and performance of deepwater floating systems. Sesam is a proven solution for deepwater floating systems, mooring and SURF (subsea, umbilical, riser, flowline) analysis.

Software for mooring analysis and subsea umbilicals