Handling the Media Effectively: The Role of the Spokesperson

Training course providing confidence and proficiency in media handling and crisis management as a spokesperson for your company.

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Training Information

  • Category:

    Risk & Emergencies


To build confidence and proficiency in media handling and crisis management as a spokesperson for your company.

Entrance regulations

Basic knowledge of contingency planning in shipping

Who should attend:
Shipping Companies: Owners, managing directors (CEO), chief operating officers (COO), technical directors (CTO), managers, masters, spokespersons

Duration: 1 day

Emergency and crisis situations can occur out of the blue at any time so it is really important for every company to have a basic media strategy in place, even if you never need to put it into action.
This is the second course on handling the media and is designed specifically for thise employees who are most likely to be involved with the press, both before, during and after an emergency situation, and in particular for the spokespersons. 

Methods and tools will be demonstrated to help prepare those responsible for talking to the press and the session will include some live practice speaking in front of a camera.

This module was developed by Mrs Katerina Skourtanioti, director at VENLYS maritime specialisations services (Reputation and Safety Solution services for the Maritime and Oil & Gas industries, www.venlys.com).

The course focuses on:

  • Interviews and press releases
  • Interview formats and techniques
  • How to work with journalists – on-the-spot interviews, being ambushed, personal interviews and press conferences
  • Handling the crisis - some basic ground rules
  • Conducting an interview without all the facts
  • Crisis communication plan (overall strategy) and spokesperson
  • Crisis communications and social media
  • Training in front of a camera. Preparing for the reality of interviews
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