Internal Auditor ISM-ISPS-MLC for Shipping Companies

Training course providing knowledge and expertise to plan and conduct combined ISM, ISPS, MLC audits and verifications.

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Training Information

  • Category:

    Management systems


To qualify participants as internal auditors (ISM, ISPS, MLC) enabling them to prepare and conduct internal audits/verifications within their shipping companies in accordance with accepted auditing principles.

Entrance regulations

Good knowledge of ISM Code, ISPS Code and the ILO Maritime Labour Convention 2006

Who should attend:
Shipping Companies: Designated Persons (ashore), Company Security Officers, Quality Managers, Superintendents, Nautical Officers, Engineers

Duration: 2 days

With the introduction of the ISM and the ISPS Code, the requirements to audit safety and security systems within companies and onboard ships brought the subject of competence of internal auditors to the fore. Even though the ILO Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) 2006 does not specifically require internal audits it just makes sense to integrate the required MLC inspections into the existing ISM/ISPS auditing system. This is also a good measure to save time and money.

Furthermore, major flag States have already stipulated that internal Maritime Labour Inspections shall be carried out annually. This raises the question of how to make sure that those performing audits and inspections are sufficiently qualified. Our course provides you with the knowledge and expertise necessary to plan and conduct combined ISM, ISPS and MLC audits and verifications. You will learn about the requirements related to the performance of the internal audits and verifications in an integrated system including those of the ISO 19011. In addition you will improve your communication skills which will strengthen your performance as an auditor. The course is highly interactive with focus on the involvement of participants in group work, feedback exercises, brain storming sessions and role plays. A written exam will be employed to test your level of achievement with respect to the learning objectives and as a basis to issue a certificate.

The course focuses on:

  • ISM/ISPS/MLC audit and verification requirements
  • Common features and differences
  • Techniques that contribute to the success of communication processes within audits
  • Planning, preparation, performance, recording, reporting and follow-up of audits
  • Principles and best practices of harmonized audits and verifications
  • Handling of non-conformities including root cause analysis and corrective actions

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