Superintendent Course - Survey Simulator Practice

Training to upgrade and refresh superintendent’s knowledge

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Training Information

  • Category:

    Survey simulators


The aim of the training is to upgrade and refresh superintendent’s knowledge

Entrance regulations

It is assumed that participants hold significant competence prior to course, and many issues must be seen as clarifications, refreshing and updates.

Who should attend:
Personnel involved in ship management, in particular ship owners’ superintendents

Duration: 3 days

After the course you will be able to explain:
  • The interrelation between ship owners, class societies, insurers, flag authorities, and last but not least; port state authorities
  • The role of class societies
  • The practical implications of statutory regulations and important issues from rules & regulations to come
  • A practical understanding of the hull strength, stresses, corrosion and fatigue
  • Hull and machinery surveillance schemes
  • Knowledge of the system of maritime regulations and implementation of legal requirements
  • Management of Non-conformities, practical performance

The course focuses on:

  • Class concept and class systematics
  • Class & statutory rules
  • Machinery surveys (survey arrangements, damages)
  • Hull strength, damages, inspection
  • Inspection of underwater part of a ship in Survey Simulator
  • Inspection of double bottom tank in Survey Simulator
  • MARPOL/SOLAS/Load Line
  • Port State Control

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