Innovation and development

Together with the industry, we help drive the oil and gas sector forward by developing new technical solutions, standards and industry best practices.

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As oil and gas industry operations become more complex and costly, we believe that greater collaboration and pan-industry development of new technology and innovation are key enablers to solve common challenges.

We dedicate five percent of annual revenue to research and development (R&D) of new technologies and solutions for our customers, and have established thousands of initiatives for innovation and technology development. Our 170 sector-leading standards and recommended practices support and promote overall industry safety and growth, while our annual programme of internal technology projects ensures that we remain at the forefront of new developments.

Joint industry projects

Our cutting-edge portfolio of services has been developed in collaboration with expert colleagues around the world. In collaboration with our customers, we run joint industry projects (JIPs) to develop new solutions, standards and recommended practices that add value by solving industry challenges.

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