Standardization of rigid risers and pipeline systems

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JIP - Standardization of Rigid Risers and Pipeline Systems
Reduce lead-time and costs during designing, manufacturing, testing and certification of rigid pipelines


Different requirements, from different operators, can impact the rigid risers and pipeline systems projects due to long lead times, excessive costs and low predictability.


The DNV GL standardization approach will establish common, industry-accepted system qualification principles which incorporates the needs of operators, vendors and other stakeholders; set a common qualification process and common requirements, terms and assessment systematics; define which requirement and / or rule is applies for each component, avoid spending time and money on fulfilling requirements that may be irrelevant or too conservative.


This JIP will define guidelines that enables cost efficient rigid risers and pipeline systems; establish common understanding of rigid risers and pipeline systems and applications; identify and align operator and supply chain ambitions and motivations w.r.t. effective standardization; and use the collaboration environment for sharing best practice and lessons learned.


The ultimate value of this JIP will enable rigid risers and pipeline systems projects to be more competitive and more attractive solution, reducing lead-time, increasing predictability and reducing costs for all phases.