Optimized decommissioning of flexible pipelines



A number of flexible pipelines are reaching the end of their design life, but there is no best practice available ensuring that decommissioning operations are done efficiently and safely. Offshore operators, contractors, engineering companies, environment regulators and authorities need to establish procedures collecting the best practices to perform decommissioning operations efficiently and safely.


  • Development of a guideline for decommissioning of flexible pipes  
  • Development of a risk-based comparative assessment tool involving options related to subsea system decommissioning.


  • Standardized procedures and practices in conformity  with current regulations
  • Better decision making on the removal or abandonment of flexible pipes on the seabed.


  • >30 mill. NOK saving potential if flexible pipe can be safely abandoned on the seabed
  • 10% saving potential through standardized processes. 

Joint industry projects - Optimized decommissioning of flexible pipelines

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